Change One Thing
Change One Thing

The overwhelm is real. We all want to improve our lives, but all the things that need to happen seem insurmountable. Change One Thing is a movement of people who have decided to take back their power to change their lives. Join us in overcoming the overwhelm and take on your life’s goals by starting with just one thing. It all begins here. Are you ready to change?


Decide to Change One Thing today!


Step 1.

Find your one thing.

Identify the one thing you want to change that will propel you into life change.

Step 2.

Tell the world you’re changing.

Post a video/photo with the hashtag #changeonething sharing your commitment with the world how you’re changing.

Step 3.

Start a chain of change.

Tag five people you know and challenge them to join us in cutting through the overwhelm. 


The Script

Need some inspiration on what to say in your video? Here’s a rough idea for you. Go ahead and have fun with it. Personalize it and make it your own!

Cameras and action!

It’s time for me to take control and change my life, so I’m going to start by changing one thing. My one thing is:_________

I tagged you because I believe you like growth in your life too! So, I challenge you! Tag 10 of your friends and jump on the chain of change! Change One Thing in your life!


Who’s Changing One Thing